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I Hate Having My Photograph Taken!

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

So you're looking for the perfect wedding photographer but you hate having your photograph taken.


This is what EVERY couple who has ever booked me has said!

So trust me when I say you are NOT alone if you feel like this! I myself even hate having my photograph taken - there is a reason I am behind the camera after all!

So how can I, as a wedding photographer, make you feel at ease and relaxed in front the camera on your wedding day?!

Well, firstly... Believe it or not you will actually feel more relaxed than you think on the day, even with me lurking around. There's so much going on throughout your wedding day, that it will literally feel like a whirlwind and time will fly by. Therefore, by the time I am whisking you away for some alone time, you will be grateful for it. I like to spend the first part of the couple sessions with you guys just being you and by just being with each other, and basically catching up and checking in! You will naturally be buzzing because you have just tied the knot, so I take a step back and pop the zoom lens on and just let you be.

As our intimate time together progresses I will loosely pose you both and either getting you guys to just be if you are feeling relaxed, or I will give some things to talk about. This can be funny things - possibly getting you tell me a funny story about one of you or getting you to whisper something funny or naughty in to each others ear. Doing this creates a moment between you both - a reaction. Allowing me to capture you both completely naturally and in the moment.

Still not convinced?!

Well we have another option - a pre wedding shoot AKA an engagement session!

This is a GREAT way to get to know me, to see how I work and to see how you feel being in front of the camera. You get to practice poses, work on any anxieties and also get some incredible photos to use on your wedding stationary that you maybe sending out to guests - like save the dates and invites!


I approach engagement session the same as weddings - relaxed, fun and emotive. However, I am fully aware you will be turning up to the location filled with dread and nerves, so I am much more forward with my approach. We take time chatting, getting to know each other and chatting all things wedding of course!

I then move into loose, relaxed poses. Usually starting with a game, moving through different tasks and prompts to get you laughing, hugging and kissing. Easing you in from a fun, relaxed shoot towards a close and romantic session. Leaving you with a full gallery of memories and beautiful moments together.

Hopefully that has given you some hope that I am the wedding photographer for you. I look forward to working with you soon.

Let's Get Lost Somewhere Beautiful

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