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A Beautiful Bedruthan Steps Wedding

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

I was sooooo excited for this wedding. After a year of hard work of advertising and growing the business in Cornwall, capturing a few engagements and vow renewals, I was over the moon to be capturing this gorgeous wedding, and it couldn't get much more local! Csaba & Grace live in Exeter but believe it or not Grace's parents live across the street from me. They were getting married at the quaint church of St Columb Minor (literally just round the corner from me), then were moving on the Bedruthan Steps Hotel. Just 5 miles north of Newquay, it overlooks the iconic and beautiful coastline known as The Bedruthan Steps. The Granite rocks that are dotted across the beach are, according to legend, stepping stones for the Giant Bedruthan. With gorgeous sunflowers, sunshine and a hotel over looking the beach (and the surf), with a wonderful couple who could not stop smiling all day, I felt truly blessed to have been apart of this awesome wedding!

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