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A Surprise Vow Renewal At Gwel An Mor, Portreath

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

I had the absolute pleasure of capturing this gorgeous surprise vow renewal at Landal Gwel an Mor. Kevin and Linda have been married 38 years, Linda has always dreamt of having a wonderful vow renewal, which she was hoping would be for their 40th anniversary. However, Kevin had other ideas. He and family and been sneaky for almost a year! Contacting suppliers in Cornwall with secret emails and phone calls to get everything booked in. One of his first bookings was with the lovely Georgie at Kernow Civil Ceremonies, she holds beautiful and personal ceremonies across Cornwall. Finding everything she needs, Georgie will write your love story and make your ceremony one of a kind.

After Kevin had booked Georgie and the Yurt hut at Gwel an Mor, Georgie Kindly passed on my details to him. With secret emails and an odd phone call we were set for the vow renewal in August. Linda hadn't a clue what was going on. They had told her they had booked a family holiday to Cornwall. The morning of the wedding her daughter in laws and mother treated her to a pampering session and bought her a beautiful dress - as they were planning on having a very, very, VERY posh meal that afternoon! Little did she know she would be walking in to a stunning yurt with her husband in a pretend cast, (Kevin had broken his leg when they got married, so he had to recreate it!) and her loved ones around her...

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